Groups exhibition on the empty mine buildings and vicinity. A giant ‘rosary’, formed out of heads was hung over the closed entry of the former shaft. A symbol for the relation of the power and joint venture of religion and economics in the golden years of the mine exploitation.

The art installation is connected to the theme of the pressure of the human activities on the landscape and nature, after the paintings of Kaspar Friedrich, and is combined with the history of the site.  In this case it was the abandoned  industrial site of the former colemine of Waterschei. A giant rosary was hung over the closed entry of the mine. One can see it as a large conveyer belt of human heads, entering and leaving the colemine.

For the religiuos miners It was a habit to hang a rosery above the door of the house as a request for protection, and for the same reason they would carry a rosary in their pocket while working.


‘Kaspar in Verwondering’,

Art exhibition,

former state mine of Waterschei,

Genk (B),


studio Luk van der Hallen