Martin Middelhauve,

Michael Goeke,

Prof. Jeurgen Junginger,

Prof. Rudolph Knübel

and the University of Essen, Fachbereich IV

The former industrial mine-site  in Essen, the Zeche Zollverein, is being turned into a vast cultural center, and is a symbol for the change in the modern Ruhrgebiet.

The theme for this eight workshop was Identity, and the workshop groups were challenged to comment on the cultural identity of the different participants. No lectures were given, instead the first day, a box was handed out, filled with the 'paraphernalia' send by each group in advance. The different workshop groups worked in the mechanical workshops and ateliers of the University and at end a magnificent exhibition was created at the premises of the former coalmine. The exhibition stayed open for two more weeks after we all left. Again about 70 professors and students joined:

Stedelijk Hoger Instituut voor Visuele Kommunikatie en Vormgeving, Genk (B)

Universität Gesamthochschule, Essen, Germany

Academie Industriële Vormgeving, Eindhoven, The Netherlands,

University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki, Finland

Statens Handverks Og Kunstindustrieskole, Oslo, Norway

Les Ateliers, Paris, France (short visit)

Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Center for Technological Education, Holon, Israel

Estacio De Sa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk, Göteborg, Sweden

Polytechnico di Milano, Italy.


Essen, Germany

5-12/10 1996

studio Luk van der Hallen