Luk van der Hallen & Luc Vanlessen

Media & Design Academy, Genk

The Center for Arts, Province of Limburg, Hasselt,

VIZO, Flemish Institute for Arts and Crafts.

The crazy dream and objective for this 'Milennium' Idem  is to bring back together all the Idem participants that were in the previous workshops since 1985, at least as much as possible.

Many have expressed to want to come back to an Idem, after having such a impressive encounter. Most of them are now professional designers. What has become of all those people?

The first four days were programmed for a regular IDEM-workshop, starting to discuss the theme. Then the groups were enlarged with former Idem participants, professionals now. For those last six days, former participants were invited to re-unite and to comment on the results.

We expected them to give guidelines and also to discuss how to improve on education and profession. So the initial idea of Idem to adapt curricula and educational programs as a result was the key question. How can we become more creative, inventive and visionary?

What is/was the benefit of such a short workshop as IDEM is? They were consulted about the idea to have Idem-workshops for professionals, as a postgraduate academy, moving from one country to another during summertime.

The theme therefor was 'Dimensions' questioning the physical and poetic dimensions of design.

KHL, Media & Design Academy, Product Design, Genk, Belgium

Universität Gesamthochschule, Essen, Germany

The Design Academy, Eindhoven, The Netherlands,

University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki, Finland

Statens Handverks Og Kunstindustrieskole, Oslo, Norway

Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Center for Technological Education, Holon, Israel

Pontificia Universidade Catolica Do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Estacio De Sa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Polytechnico di Milano, Italy

Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk, Göteborg, Sweden

The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


IDEM 12 ‘Dimensions’

Alden Biesen, Belgium

4-14/10 2000

studio Luk van der Hallen

I know, by mentioning names I will forget some, please excuse me. I want to thank Luc for his companionship through all these years. Mathieu for your subtle support. Svein for your continuous pushing and anarchistic views. Gad for your special intelligent emotional and human way of working with people. I thank Sasa for showing the international importance of this meeting.  Avram for his permanent and never ceasing optimism and enthusiasm. Juergen for his true and righteous friendship. Pekka for his bizarre and creative way of looking at things. Clovis, Claudia, Laetitia,  Billy, Bruno and Heloisa for bringing samba and emotion from the new continent. Liz for sending such an amount of poetic students and teachers. Martin and Michael for showing new and young enthusiasm and professional involvement.  Leslie, Arturo, Gisella, Piet, Mimi, Olle, Per-Olov,  Alberto, Haviva, Jussi, Petteri, Sanna,  Yoon-Ping, Ulrich, Vera, Brita, Seppo, Rudolph, Kurt, Zick and so many more, especially all the IDEM-participants.

I am truly honored to have you all as my friends.

Luk van der Hallen