studio Luk van der Hallen



Literair Museum, Hasselt (B)

The studio designed the centerpiece of the exhibition about Annemie van Haeringen.

Museum and exhibition design workshop at  FH Joanneum, Graz (AU) nov 2016

One week workshop about  concept thinking and design translation ‘Unneccassary-Unethical’ by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department, led by Prof Karl Stocker.

IDEM-workshop This year the famous design workshop was organised in Israel, by prof. Avram Grant and designer Galit Avinoam. It was the 21st edition.IDEM_21,_Israel_2016.html

De Loketten, Brussel (B).

The studio made a joint-venture with White Light and Victor Simoni to candidate for the design of the echibition for the Flemish Parliament.

Caparol Experience Center, Heusden Zolder (B).

A new view on visiting the showroom of this famous paint-brand.

Radio of the Future,

VRT, Radiohuis.

Together with the masterstudents of Productdesign LUCA, Genk the radio of the future generation was being visualized.

Literair Museum, Hasselt (B)

‘Retteketet’, for this funny exhibition we did the art-direction and designed a crazy installation with a bicycle pump.


The studio is designing solutions for the reconversion of your existing bike into an electric one.

Department of Electrotechnology, University of Leuven (B)

For their new building some art and design installations were created.

(under construction)


Halle (B)

Upgrading the exhibition with an interactive event, and scenography.

Together with Epic Frame, Leuven (B) for the animated film.

Berghoff display

Concepts for the new shop presentations of Berghoff, brand of cookware.


Creating a new partytable. In jointventure with White Light, Genk (B)

Oct 26 2016, Luk van der Hallen: lecture about scenography at the FH Dortmund (D)