IDEM-workshop For the 20th time the famous design workshop will be organised in Dessau, Germany, the place of all places for designers.IDEM_20,_Dessau_2015.html
studio Luk van der Hallen

Interior design of the attick of the Literature Museum, Hasselt (B), into an exhibition space.


Interactive display for the CM organisation (B). Portable touch screen with video’s.

Together with Lucas vanlessen and Piet Stockmans an installation was created, with a citical eye towards the obesitas issue. By exercising one has to generate the energy, needed for cooking.Toegepast_2015.html

Bird-watching shacks. Interiors designed for the Natural Parc Bourgoyen, Gent (B).

Restoration of the artwork ‘Cloud’

After 10 years the artwork was in need of a cleanup, some repairs and a layer of paint.

The work was done in the workshops of the city of Maasmechelen and with the kind assistance of the employees.

Agro-Create Workshop

The creative team with Luk won the public prize at the Agro-Create Workshop, held at

C-Mine 4th of March.

Chair for musicians

Luk is assisting the MAD-fac students to design an ergonomic chair for musicians, for the company Giroflex.

Museum and exhibition design workshop at  FH Joanneum, Graz (AU)

One week workshop about  concept thinking and design translation by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department, led by Prof Karl Stocker.

VRT, Radiohuis Leuven (B).

Integration of new digital radio’s in the existing exhibition, ‘Radio 100’.

Urban Crops
A stunning infographic by
Felix van der HallenUrban_Crops_2015.html