Outdoor design of the historical site ‘Molhem’, city of Peer (B), to be realised end of 2010: an interactive visit.

Concept for the visitors center ‘Fort Duffel (B)’. The exhibits explain the life of bats, residents of this fort.

Art & Design designed the visit of the Archeological Parc in ‘Meeuwen-Gruitrode (B) opened 12th of September 2010.

Organising and opening the Cumulus Conference

‘Borderline’, Genk

24-29 May 2010.

studio Luk van der Hallen

Art installation in the new Health Center ‘Althea’ in Genk (B)

A new visitors center for the ‘Pomgebouw Bossuit’, near  Kortrijk (B).

Opening May 2010

Chocolate cloud performance. 50kgs of fresh milk chocolate, covered with white, was eaten in not more than one hour by the Cumulus members.

Concept for the PoperingeTalbot House, in memory of the first World War (study)

Wunderkammer-Objects for the exhibition project at the Cumulus Conference, Genk (B)

Interior concept  for the public library of the city of Kontich (B) (study)

Artwork: the ‘Gymn series’


                       Executive board member CUMULUS, International Association Academies of Art and Design

                Meetings (CEB) and seminars in New York, Genk (B), and Rome.

                        Co-promotor PHD David Huycke

                    Member of the board of KuS, Artcenter Signe, Heerlen (NL)

                    Member of accreditation of the Academy of Art and design, (ZHdK) Zürich (CH)




Since 2010 the studio uses a 3d-printer to research and design products and solutions, both in art and design.