Installation for the Media & Design Academy, Genk at the ‘Woonesthetica’-Fair, November 2009

A new section for the Museum of Liturature, Hasselt (B) about fairytales.

A ‘Wolfchair’ was part of the exiting designs. June 2009.

IDEM 17, International Design Workshop,  in Eisenerz, Austria, October 2009. 60 students and profs in design came together in an active ironmine, on the problem of the shrinking cities.

For the Museum of the Flemish Fransicaner in St.-Truiden (B) creative solutions for the oral history were develloped. October 2009.


                       Executive board member CUMULUS, Internationaal Association Academies of Art and Design

                Meetings (CEB) and seminars in  Istanbul, London, Auckland, Melbourne

studio Luk van der Hallen

Concept for the touristic office, City of Gent (B)

Art project ‘White Boxes’, in windows of shops in Genk (B)

“Outside-in’:  artisanal glass vase with the water outside (one-off) and other experimental works

“Mon Cherie series’.

The smell of chocolate is adding to the erotic contents of these drawings on the famous ‘Mon Cherie’ chocolates.