‘Site Sign’, concept for the building of the Chamber of Commerce, Hasselt

The design for Afrikacenter is minimal and the scenography is  experiencing colour, light, sound and temperature.

Genever in Figures.

A visual and surprising translation of ‘dry’ figures and data.

One Minute Chocolate design for the joined exhibition ‘One Minute’, at the Gallery of Design Flanders, Brussels. How much chocolate may one eat in one hour?


Presenting the Boulevart Library system at the Zona Tortona, Salone di Mobile, Milano

studio Luk van der Hallen
Lecture  ‘Simplicity and Ingenuity’Fachhochschule Dortmund (D)
Lecture and Workshop Scenography, FH Johanneum, Graz 24-26/11
Exhibition Addict/Pop Up Shop, Village Maasmechelen
Exhibition Chocolate/design, Addict Labo, Juventushuis, Kortrijk Interieur
Exhibition Chocolate/design, Addict Labo, Designweek Eindhoven
curator and juror
Curator ‘Eeuwige Barok’, Media en Design Academie, Genk, CC De Velinx, Tongeren, 18/2
Co/curator, St Barbara Vase CC Genk, 4/12
Juror International Design Competition Deutsche Post, Bonn, 17-18/10

Executive Board Member, CUMULUS, International Netwerk of Academies of Art and Design. 
Meetings (CEB) at Nantes(F), Ljubljana (SLO), Warsaw (PL)
Panel Staten Generaal Limburg, Z33, Hasselt

‘Depot’, the interior design of the attick of the Museum of Literature, Hasselt (B) and it’s collection of prints.