One Minute

The chocolate was first presented in the  Gallery of Design Flanders, Belgium.

Al Boeksoek, an exhibition of Islamic references in Flemish youth literature, Museum of Literature, Hasselt.

Super! Design Festival., Hasselt (B). The Labo-group invited artists to ‘add’ to the existing street poles. Noses were put on the top of them.

IDEM 15, Hasselt

This edition took place in the former state prison of Hasselt. Participants slept in the cells and worked in the premisses of the prison.

Music Printed,

Leuven. Medieval music was reconstructed and heard in a surprising installation at the University Library of Leuven.

studio Luk van der Hallen
Exhibition and design of the ‘One Minute’ chocolate, Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels
‘One Minute, Villa Basta, Houthalen
Participation project and edition ‘Absolute architecture, Skyhall, Airport Brussels
Exhibition ‘Rotonde Art’, CC de Velinx, Tongeren
Exhibition ‘Label Design’, Grand Hornu
‘Design wrapped’, Gallery Design Flanders, Brussels
Open Atelier, studio Maasmechelen, Kunst in Huis, Brussels
Lecture ‘Simplicity and Ingenuity’, CC De Boogaard, St.-Truiden
Lecture, Design Academy, Designweek, Eindhoven
Expert Meeting, Fo;lgelandschaft Alsdorf (D)

Executive Board Member, CUMULUS, International Netwerk of Academies of Art and Design.  
Meetings (CEB) at Lissabon,

‘Kaspar in verwondering’, an art exhibition on the deserted premisses of the Mine of Waterschei.

Passagen 2001

At the occasion of the presentation of the Boulevart Library system at the Furniture Fair of Cologne, a performance of the play ‘Sweet Temptations’ was  given by ‘Breuk’.