Design of the campaign for promotion of cultural enterprises and projects.

UZ Leuven.

For its 75th Birthday the Academic Hospital comissioned a celebrating exhibition.

‘The Age of Cauderlier’, City Library Leuven (B), comissioned by CAG, the Center for Agricultural History.

Rode Beek, Onderbanken (NL), concept for a new visitors center for the natural parc.

‘Facelifts’, City Museum, Lier (B). An exhibition about restauration of artworks


Lecture ‘The juggling library’, ‘Glass palace’, City library, Heerlen (NL)
Expert meeting, Castle of Hoensbroek (NL)
                        Elected Executive Board Member, CUMULUS, International Netwerk of Academies of Art and Design

‘From Writer to Book’, permanent section, designed for the Museum of Literature, Hasselt.

Design of the Fair stand of the compagny Echo (B),

a concrete products manufacturer.

‘Death or the Flowers’, an exhibition for the World Championship Cycling in Limburg (NL), City History Museum, Sittard (NL)

‘Geon’, Heerlen (NL)

Concept for a museum of the ‘Underground Geology’

Van de Velde Award,

Design Flanders for  the Boulevart design, followed by exhibition in Gallery Design Flanders, Brussels, ‘Sfeer’, Gent (B) and ‘Square’, the International furniture fair of Brussels (B)


Redesign of the third floor of the Museum of Industrial Archeology, Gent (B)

studio Luk van der Hallen

Exhibition design ‘Op Woeste Hoogte’, Open Air Museum, Bokrijk explained the history and care of bush landscape in three exhibitions, combined with a museum-game.

Rode Beek, Onderbanken (NL), study for a visitors center at the Dutch-German border.



The Rain persuing the Cloud

Maasmechelen (B)

2004. Sculpture.