Design promotion for the Open Air Museum Bokrijk (B) at Batibouw, Brussels

and design of the exhibition ‘Batibouw Anno 1895’, Open Air Museum Bokrijk (B)

Design of the fair stand for the ENCI cement factory Maastricht (NL)

‘LekkerDier’ (“Succulent Animal’),

the exhibition in the Museum Bokrijk, Genk (B)

Design exhibition at the occasion of  Worldchampionship cycling in Lummen (B): ‘Belgian cycling worldchampions’, Museum of Fashion, Hasselt (B)

Design exhibition ‘The war in youth literature’, Museum of Literature, Hasselt (B)

Interior design with Boulevart, Design agency AIR, Brussels

Design of the interior of the music section, Provincial Library, Hasselt (B)

studio Luk van der Hallen

Campaign for ‘LekkerDier’ (“Succulent Animal’), a series of exhibitions in Flanders: flyers, folders, posters, advertisements etc.



‘Man and branch’, acryl on canvas, commissioned by the public company Interlectra, Hasselt (B) for their collection.