Ecology stand design:

three portable items for fairs, Provincial Nature Center, Hasselt (B)

Design exhibition ‘Bergen en verbergen/Cabinets’, National Open air museum, Bokrijk (B)

Concept for the meeting point/visitorscenter ‘Rekkem-Ferrain’ for the Communité Urbaine, Lille (F), Cultural city of Europe 2004

Design additional part ‘Iron age’, City Historical Museum, Sittard (NL)

Concept ‘Touristic visitors center’, Touristic Service Center (VVV), Lanaken (B)

Concept #2 for the redesign of the City Theatre, Sittard (NL)

Design counter VVV, museum De Wissen, Dilsen-Stokkem (B)

studio Luk van der Hallen

Design for the travelling exhibition ‘Childrens Literature in the 20th century’ for the Museum of Literature, Hasselt

Design exhibition ‘Dirty laundry’, National Open air museum, Bokrijk (B)

Design first floor Provincial Library, Hasselt (B), a new look about the contemporary library. Including the design of a new shelving system.

Design of the exhibition ‘Guffens’, for the City Museum Stellingwerff-Waerdenhof, Hasselt

Passagen jan 2001: For the presentation of the Boulevart Library system at the Intern. Furniture Fair Cologne, a performance of the play ‘Sweet Temptations’ was  given by ‘Breuk’.

Idem 13 workshop was organised on trhe traffic-free Ilha Grande, Brazil. The theme was ‘Isolation’,

due to 9-11s some cancelled the trip to this idyllic environment.