Art project in the public space. This rosery, built from lifesize heads, is hung in an old tree, boarding the streets of the colemine housing quarter. For the religeous miners it was a habit to hang a rosary above the exit door in the house, as a request for protection by God. For the same reason they would carry it in their pockets, down in the mine, while digging cole.

But here it is also a metafor for the power and joint venture that was made between the church and the bosses, between religion and the economic powers that were in control in the golden years of the mining exploitation. The art installation is connected to this pressure on human activities. One can also see it as a giant conveyer belt, bringing miners down and up from the shafts, the entering and leaving of the colemine.

100 years of ‘Cité’


studio Luk van der Hallen