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The Art +(plus) Design studio creates surprising and sometimes wonderful concepts, designs and scenography for museums, exhibitions and public areas. 

Visual, creative and poetic storytelling and immersive experiences are our thing. 

The studio also envolves in art, art installations, critical design, and theatre. 

We organise the international IDEM design workshops and lectures.


Artwork titled ‘Ruffer, Crabber, Stammer & co(w)’, for the exhibition ‘Labo Enzo-verder’, Genk/Hasselt May 2023. Half a plastic animal and the subject “Phantasy Beasts’ was given, resulting in 6 figures coming out of the cow’s behind, creating a visual complexity, as in my other artwork.

Scenograpy for the exhibition ‘Heritage days 2023’, about two remarkable men in the local history of Ekeren: a pet trader and an animal tamer who had a much discussed life.

Preparing the scenography for the summer exhibition about illustrator’s work on the theme of  ‘The Sea’, for Villa Verbeelding Hasselt

Working on a book, comic and music record about the visual theatre group Bock Workshop that was active from 1976 until 1986, with periodes of inactivity.

The preparation of the next IDEM workshop is on track. Due by COVID, there was no IDEM in 2020, 21 or 22. Now number 24 is planned for October 7-13 2023, in a villa in La Roche, in the Belgian Ardennes. (Image: ‘Babylon’-group performance at IDEM 23 in Alden Biesen Castle, Belgium in 2019)



Scenography of the expo ‘Wolf!’ for Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt. More than 100 illustrations and objects of the wolf in books, comics and posters by international artists.

Making the book and telling the story of the International Design Educational Meeting (IDEM) the legendary design workshops from 1985 until now.  

My last day of teaching in the Design Academy Eindhoven. I enjoyed teaching in various departments from 1987 until July 2021, that is 34 years and about 5250 students. about 

ArtBook ’44 Drone Views’ collects 128 drawings about the Ukraine War

Scenography of the expo ‘Letterpret (Letter Fun)’ for Vill Verbeelding, Hasselt. The work of Charlotte Dematons is being shown: original illustrations, but also objects from her personnal collection.

Scenography and curation of the expo ‘Kerken in de Parkstad. Th abbey Rolduc, Kerkrade (NL) was the appropriate location for showing the monumental photo’s of the may churches of the region.

Juror for the VOCATIO foundation, Brussels, giving a scholarship to beginning artists, performers and researchers in sciences and medics.

ArtBook ’A Special Operation’ shows 97  street view drawings about the destruction of the Ukraine War. Limited edition of 30 numbered and signed handmade books.

ArtBook ’A Parallel Universe’ shows the bizarre context of combining drawings of medical tools and private reflections. Limited edition of 30 numbered and signed handmade books.

ArtBook ’Outleveled’ contains drawings as a reaction on freightful flooding that took place in Belgium during the summer of 2021.Limited edition of 30 numbered and signed handmade books.


Expo ‘Erratic Views’ with recent work Luk van der Hallen

in studio Piet Stockmans, C-mine 100,  Genk (B). From March 3-April 2 2020. Paintings, drawings, artist books and multiples

Artbook ‘Repurposed’: the recent drawings are collected in several art books in limited series of 30. See also the art shop.

Design and art directing of the exposition ‘Churches in Parkstad’ (working title).

The expo shows photo’s of the use and reuse of the many monumental buildings. An organization of KuS art  and IBA at the occasion of ‘Night of the Religious Heritage’.

Make over ‘Illustrator’s Room’, Villa Verbeelding (Museum of Literature) Hasselt (B).

Including the design of the museum shop.

Make over ‘Room of Letters’ and design of the exposition of illustrator Brecht Evens Room’,  in Villa Verbeelding (Museum of Literature) Hasselt (B). Fall 2021.

Drawing machine for the Expo ‘TeCHeningen’  Machined drawings) Oud gerechtsgebouw, Hasselt.

Model of the ‘Alden Biesen’ building history

The story is told with a video animation show and the lighting up of the different buildings on the site.


‘Transartlantic’ Design Project. Artwork is making you sit in a splendid way.  For sale go to

Design Expo ‘Deep in the Forest’, Villa Verbeelding (Museum of Literature) Hasselt (B).

The exhibition shows how illustrators in children’s books draw this narrative element.

Design of the site ‘Trenches World War II in Lummen’ with a see through drawing illustrating the way the Belgien Army was fighting the German invasion in May 1940 on this recovered trenches.

Maintaining the artwork ‘Rain in the pursuit of the Cloud’ with a new layer of white polyester coating.

Showing artbook ‘Machines for Dead Trees’ in the expo ‘Deep in the Forest’, Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt (B)

I have built a cosy tree house for my grandchildren Mila and Nio. And I can also sit there to do some reading and drawing!

Participation with Art project ‘Reflection in Time’ of Nannet van der Kleijn in Gallery Bradwolff  Projects, Amsterdam, Nov 26-29

Project for the MOMENT art festival, Tongeren (B). The installation Momentum, is a vase with withering flowers that can be destroyed by pulling the table cloth. However the system to do that has a reduction: it takes about 250.000 turns of the wheel, to roll the vase from the middle of the table to the side. Do people invest in the time and the energy to destroy the art piece?

Expo ‘More than 1000 and 1 night’

Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt (B)

We designed a new exhibition about the arabic stories of ‘Thousand and one Night’

‘Uit het Goede Hout’

Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt (B) 

An exhibition of illustrators using the craft technique of woodcutting.

IDEM 23 design workshop in Alden Biesen (B), with 55 participants from Design Academies from Genk, Gent (B), Essen, Dortmund, Trier (G), Tel Aviv (ISR), Denver (USA), Oslo (N)with the theme of ‘Balance”.

Expo ‘Designing Designers’ in C-mine is also showing the IDEM workshops since the beginning in 1985. Oct 18- November 18

Edition Art books:

Creation of a limited set of books based on drawings. Every issue is 30 numbered and signed books. 



Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt (B). This time authors were asked to send in their self-portret. For the young visitors interactive and instructive installations were designed.

‘Camera Obscura’

The studio experimented with the Renaissance drawing tools during the Civitella Workshop with the students Productdesign of the LUCA schools of Art in Italy.

Scenography Supernova, Antwerp (B)

Supernova is a tech and innovation festival organized by VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) Sept 27-30, 2018. It is one-of-a-kind event, where visionary solutions, technologies and insights come together. 

Private Library

We designing a library for the client’s personnal collection of 7000 culinairy books. 

IDEM 22 in PRORA, Germany, Sept. 16-24, 2018 

This edition is being organised by the Folkwang University, Essen. Participation from Germany, Israel, Brazil, Norway, Sweden and Belgium.

Design exposition ‘Fugitives’

Museum ‘Remembrance of World War II’, Tildonk

4 installations were added to the existing exhibition,  as well as an educational ‘Nomadbox’ for the educational part.

‘Child with Teddybear’

A special limited edition at the occasion of the opening op the exhibition in Tildonk (B) 

‘Chocolate Amnesty’

Luk van der Hallen’s Design Academy Eindhoven students designed a critical chocolate product for Amnesty International. The students worked in the atelier of master chocolatier Bart Jansen, Maasmechelen, Belgium. 

Upgrading the expo ‘100 years of Radio’, for the Flemish Radio (VRT), with the latest technology, Raiohouse, Leuven (B).

Since 2015, Luk van der Hallen is Juror art and design projects of Vocatio, Brussels. Candidates for a support of 10.000 euro can always apply for the next round: go to 

‘Recent artworks’: 

a limited set of books little sculptures and experiments with 3d-printing.

Museum and exhibition design workshop at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU) nov 2016

One week workshop about concept thinking and design translation of exhibition spaces by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department.



a new exhibition for 

Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt, the new name of the Literature Museum (B). Poets and illustrators and their magic words and drawings.


Designing a new glass for the Brewery ‘De Kroon’, Neerijse (B).

Assisting the student’s project of Productdesign LUCA, Genk (B).

‘Black + Bitter’,

A critical comment on cnsumption: a starving African in succulent black chocolate.. Designed as a complete product for the exhibition ‘Black’ at C-Mine, Genk (B).

‘Prometeus’, reedition 2017 in 20 pieces as jewel in the original box.

Nitto Experience Center (B).

Together with White Light, Genk and Buro-B, Genk (B) we make a concept for the architecture and design of this center of excellence for the world brand Nitto.

‘1000 Kraanvogels’

Literair Museum, Hasselt (B). 

Japan and China in children’s books. The exhibition relates to the festivities of celebrating 25 years of Japanese garden in Hasselt.

‘Ruga’, a new vase was concepted after the project ‘Speak to me’ for the city of Heerlen (NL). A lyric ‘spacer’ for flowers is added to enhance the dialogue between use and art. 

In the foreground ‘Plus’, a chandelier.

Apex, a witty chandelier, that can be put over an empty bottle. ‘The candle burned shorter, the bottle got empty. To have more light the solution is to put the object over the bottle’.

Laudatio Raf Simons

October 2017: Luk van der Hallen speaks the Laudatio of former Productdesign student Raf Simons, as Alumnus of the Year at the LUCA-design Showcase week, Gent

‘Martin betrachtet’ Another addition to the project of the small gold figures, started in 2010. For my good friend martin Middelhauve, coorganiser of IDEMs and dean of the Faculty of Design FH Dortmund.

Jan 23-27 2017, Luk van der Hallen workshop making the Japanese Andon lamp.

Dec 2017 Workshop Museumdesign, FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria

Artwork ‘Dialectics’ series: the juxtaposition of an abstract work with a literal work to stimulate a new kind of narrative.

Museum and exhibition design workshop at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU) nov 2016

One week workshop about concept thinking and design translation of exhibition spaces by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department.


De Loketten, Brussel (B).

The studio made a joint-venture with White Light and Victor Simoni to candidate for the design of the echibition for the Flemish Parliament.

Caparol Experience Center, Heusden Zolder (B).

A new view on visiting the showroom of this famous paint-brand.


Halle (B)

Upgrading the exhibition with an interactive event, and scenography.

Together with Epic Frame, Leuven (B) for the animated film.

Radio of the Future,

VRT, Radiohuis.

Together with the masterstudents of Productdesign LUCA, Genk the radio of the future generation was being visualized.

Literair Museum, Hasselt (B)

The studio designed the centerpiece of the exhibition about Annemie van Haeringen.

Berghoff display

Concepts for the new shop presentations of Berghoff, brand of cookware.


Creating a new partytable. In jointventure with White Light, Genk (B)

Literair Museum, Hasselt (B)

‘Retteketet’, for this funny exhibition we did the art-direction and designed a crazy installation with a bicycle pump.

Department of Electrotechnology, University of Leuven (B)

For their new building some art and design installations were created.

(under construction)

Artwork ‘Dialogues’ series: the small figures can be put in a way they ‘dialogue.

Museum and exhibition design workshop at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU) nov 2016

One week workshop about concept thinking and critical design ‘thics-Unethics’ by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department.

IDEM 21 design workshop in Israel, with the participation of  the academies of Holon (ISR), Genk, Gent (BE), Dortmund, Essen (D), Tallinn (EST) and Graz (AU).


Bird-watching shacks. Interiorsdesigned for the Natural Parc Bourgoyen, Gent (B).

Interior design of the attick of the Literature Museum, Hasselt (B), into an exhibition space.

Interactive display for the CM organisation (B). Portable touch screen with video’s.

Preparation of the IDEM 20 workshop,  Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany.

Prof Martin Middelhauwe, Prof Bernd Dicke,Prof Lucas Vanlessen and Prof Luk van der Hallen met on site to arrange the workshop and to talk to local designers and organizations.

Flemish Radio and Television (VRT), Radiohuis Leuven (B).

Designing the integration of new digital radio’s in the existing exhibition, ‘Radio 100’.

Chair for musicians

Luk is assisting the MAD-fac students to design an ergonomic chair for musicians, for the company Giroflex.

Toegepast 2015’Beyond Food’., exposition in C-mine Genk. Luk van der Hallen designed an absurd system to generate electricity for cooking, Piet Stockmans designed a porcelain cooking pot for using less energy and Lucas Vanlessen designed the ‘slow’ food that could be cooked with this system.

Restoration of the artwork ‘Cloud’

After 10 years the artwork was in need of a cleanup, some repairs and a layer of paint. 

The work was done in the workshops of the city of Maasmechelen and with the kind assistance of the employees.

Agro-Create Workshop

The creative team with Luk won the public prize at the Agro-Create Workshop, held at 

C-Mine 4th of March.

The studio designed the infographics video for ‘Urban Crops, Leuven, a company that envolves in vertical an urban farming

Museum and exhibition design workshop at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU)

One week workshop about concept thinking and design translation by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department, led by Prof Karl Stocker.

IDEM 20 design workshop in the famous Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany is the celebration of 30 years of activity. Participation from Genk, Gent (BE), Dortmund, Essen (D), Holon (ISR), Ljubljana (SLO) and Graz (AU) on the subject ‘The Best is yet to come’.


‘Radio 100 years young’.,An interactive exhibition about the history of the Flemish Radio, in the Radiohouse at Leuven (B)

Bridgehouse Vroenhoven (B).

visitors center for the Shipping and World War 2, opened January 2015. Designed for Catch-a-Client (B).

Mobile Cooking Unit, for children these units can be adjusted to their height.

Plattelandsklassen, Peer (B).

The IDEM project was honored with the price for his engagement for student learning, at the BIO Biennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

IDEM-history exhibition at the BIO biennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia 

IDEM 19 took place in the rural town of Stanjel in the Karst region of Sloevenia. The question was how design could involve in traditional handcraft and be an economical stimulus for the region. Participants from the academies of Lubljana, Genk, Dortmund, Oslo, Graz.

Design of the exhibition ‘Working Spaces’ for the Literature Museum, Hasselt. In this traveling exhibition illustrators and writers show their working environment, and the things that trigger their imagination.

Luk van der Hallen is appointed external scrutinizer for the procedure for appointing the professor for experimental design at the Wuppertal University of the Arts, Germany

‘The Boat’

Concept of the interior design of the boat, travelling over the Albert Canal, for the 75th anniverasary of NV De Scheepvaart, Hasselt (B)

Luk van der Hallen was juror for the Master Design Graduates of Transcultural Design program in India, from the L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique, Nantes (FR)

Biomet (IT)

A&D designed the graphics of this medical conference in Rome, Italy.

Lecture IDEM International Workshops, Lemmens Institute, 21/2/14

IDEM Preparatory Meeting, Ljubljana 22-24/5/14

KIR-Award (B) exhibitions about the The studio is commissioned to design this award for the second time. 

Museum and exhibition design workshop at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU) nov 2016

One week workshop about concept thinking and design translation of exhibition spaces by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department.


Makeover Author’s Room, Museum of Literature, Hasselt (B)

Artist friend Malou Swinnen was asked to make the portraits.

Exhibition“Everybody Flandrien!’ Design and production of 7 exhibitions in seven locations and an interactive bicycle simulator

Interactive bicycle simulator.

Was developped and designed for the exhibitions “Everybody Flandrien!’

Infohouse ‘Kalkense Meersen’, Berlare (B)

to inform the young visitor about this natural parc.

Upgrading visitor’s center ‘De Wissen’, the studio’s first museum project in 1994.

Designing the ‘time machine’ for Hydrodo exhibition, Herentals (B). In this fotobooth visitors can merge their picture within historical contexts.

Designing the concept and interior of the Touristic infopoint Mattekot, for the City of Vilvoorde (B)

Lecturing at the INNES summer seminar about Public Design, Vienna (Austria) 

July 16-19, 2013

Demonstration 3D-printing at the Library of Maaseik, Digital Week, April 20, 2013

Juror presentation design workshop Sana Building, Essen, Juli 2013

Lecturing at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU), seminar about scenography and museum design, November 2013

Interview SICK Magazine, about the technology used in the exhibition “Iedereen Flandrien’.

Curator LUCA’s masterstudents Productdesign,Campus Genk, presenting smart ideas for the ‘Radio of the Future’. Presented in the Radiohouse, Leuven (B)


Designing fair Stands for: Woutim (B)

Recor Bedding(B)

At the Werchter Rock Festival, 

we designed the Shoediscount stand.


Design for the Kempische Innovatie Raad, Turnhout and given during the Flanders Festival of Creativity, Nov 2012

Touristpoints Avelgem.

An information system for finding touristic points of interest, short videos, working self sustaining on solar energy.

Designing the Interview Board for the Jupiler League, the Belgian Premier League football competition, with White Light, Genk.

IDEM-workshop number 18 in Civitella d’Agliano

October 2012. The academies of Genk, Graz (AU), Holon (ISR), Dortmund and Essen (D), and guests from Norway, Chili and Finland.

Objects made in the Chocolate workshop with the students of the Folkwang University, Essen (D) are being shown at Sichtwerk July 14-16 2012

Luk van der Hallen gave a lecture at the famous Hermitage Museum, St-Petersburg, Russia

September 20-22 2012

‘Leaving’, exhibition project of the parallel events of the Manifest-a art exhibition 2012, by Art & Advice. The theme were the displacement of people, when traveling to foreign countries for work.

International Design Workshop for the FH Schwäbisch-Gmund (D) May 6-11 2012. The group ofLuk van der Hallen involved in a series of critical objects.

See the surprising results here.

Exhibition Pop-Up shop Turnhout (B), Festival of Creativity, Nov 20-27. The project with the vases was shown here.

Summer exhibition, Il Ventuno, Hasselt (B)

Juror Canvascollection, Hasselt 14-15/4

Juror Furniture project Giroflex, Zurich (SW) 23-25/4

Juror Masterprojects, ESAG penninghen, Paris (F) june 2012


The project ‘De Rieten’ was selected for the ‘Flemish price for Monuments 2011’

The Emperors Clothes, a travelling exhibition about the illustration of clothes in literature, Museum of Literature, Hasselt (B)

Concept about reuse, a cooperation between the studio and the Kringwinkel(Recycling shops). Design solutions for creating carpets.

April 2011

The studio was one of 3 design studios selected to make a propoasal for the renewal of the IJZERTOREN-museum, Diksmuide (B)

Redesign of the entrance, interior and and book-automatisation of the Provincial Library Hasselt (B)

September 2011

Concept for the visiting center Puyenbroeck (B)

‘Diaologues’. These figures are the subject for a new series of goldplated statues, derived from drawings, ‘from 2D to 3D’. (B) Feb-May 2011.

Art project ‘100 years of cité’ (colemining housing), newer version of the big ‘rosary’, created in 2004, to hang in a tree. May 2011

Art works production, drawings and experiments

Interview for the anniverary-book ‘Toegepast’, Art Center Z33, Hasselt(B)

Design ‘Literature Pouf’,Museum of Literature,Hasselt, (B), February 2011

Member of the panel, and lecture at the conference  ‘Baukultur’, Ludwig Forum, Aachen (D)

Juror Masterprojects, ESAG Penninghen, Paris (F) june 2011


Organising and opening the Cumulus


‘Borderline’, Genk

24-29 May 2010.

Chocolate cloud performance. 50kgs of fresh milk chocolate, covered with white, was eaten in not more than one hour by the Cumulus members.

Art & Design designed the visit of the Archeological

Parc in ‘Meeuwen-Gruitrode (B) opened 12th of September 2010.

A new visitors center for the ‘Pomgebouw Bossuit’, near Kortrijk (B), opened May 2010

Interior concept for the public library of the city of Kontich (B) (study)

Outdoor design of the historical site ‘Molhem’, city of Peer (B), to be realised end of 2010: an interactive visit. 

Concept for the visitors center ‘Fort Duffel (B)’. The exhibits explain the life of bats, residents of this fort.

Concept for the PoperingeTalbot House, in memory of the first World War (study)

Art installation in the new Health Center ‘Althea’ in Genk (B)

Wunderkammer-Objects for the exhibition project at the Cumulus Conference, Genk (B)

Co-promotor PHD David Huycke

Executive board member CUMULUS, International Association Academies of Art and Design

 Meetings (CEB) and seminars in New York, Genk (B), and Rome.

Member of accreditation of the Academy of Art and design, (ZHdK) Zürich (CH)


For the Museum of the Flemish Fransicaner in St.-Truiden (B) creative solutions for the oral history were develloped. October 2009.

Installation for the Media & Design Academy, Genk at the ‘Woonesthetica’-Fair, November 2009

A new section for the Museum of Liturature, Hasselt (B) about fairytales. 

A ‘Wolfchair’ was part of the exiting designs. June 2009.

Art project ‘White Boxes’, in windows of shops in Genk (B)

“Mon Cherie series’.

The smell of chocolate is adding to the erotic contents of these drawings on the famous ‘Mon Cherie’ chocolates.

Concept for the touristic office, City of Gent (B)

“Outside-in’: artisanal glass vase with the water outside (one-off) and other experimental works

IDEM 17, International Design Workshop, in Eisenerz, Austria, October 2009. 60 students and profs in design came together in an active ironmine, on the problem of the shrinking cities.

 Executive board member CUMULUS, Internationaal Association Academies of Art and Design

 Meetings (CEB) and seminars in Istanbul, London, Auckland, Melbourne


The library was designed to attract young clients. There was need for an expressive interior design.

The Flower Power exhibition was presented for the second time during the Design Biennial of Liege

Fairy tales for the new section of the Museum of Literature in Hasselt.

Design of the library and furniture for the new Media & Design Academy, Genk (B)

Concepts for the visiting center of the city of Zonhoven (B)

Adaptations and redesign for the Provincial Lbrary, Hasselt (B)

Special design of the glass cabinets for the gallery of Design Flanders, Brussels (B), based on the succesfull Boulevart Design.

Concepts for the House of Brueghel, Peer (B)

Concept and exterior design Archeological Park, Meeuwen-Gruitrode (B) 

The Flower Power exhibition was first presented in the Design Flanders Gallery in Brussels (B).

Museum and exhibition design workshop at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU)

One week workshop about concept thinking and design translation by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department,

Executive board member CUMULUS, Internationaal Association Academies of Art and Design

Meetings (CEB) and seminars in Helsinki, Kyoto and Zürich, St.-Etienne (FR)


‘Betterfood’, exhibition in Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels (B) about food design.

The ‘Maasvinster’ is a tnewly build regional ouristic visitors center, located at the outlet center ‘the Village’, Maasmechelen (B)

Exhibition ‘Young Design’ Gallery Design Flanders

A variety of designs for young people in exhibition contexts

King of Drinks, National Museum of Genever, Schiedam (NL). An interactive exhibition about the genever-rituals in Ghana.

IDEM 16, Israel. The famous international design workshop took place at the borders of the Death Sea.

Design of new Boulevart furniture for the Gallery of Design Flanders, Brussels (B)

Concept floor 4, MIAT, Gent (B). 

Two sections were concepted: one about the traditional printing technology and one about the 20th century history.

‘Hendrik van Veldeke’, a travelling exhibition about the writer from the Middle Ages for the Museum of Literature, Hasselt (B).

Interview show new Nespresso Collection and design project, Brussels (B)

Concept and design of the fair stand for the Wit-Gele Kruis, Genk (B)

Selection of drawings on various themes and subjects. 

Open Atelier, Kunst in Huis, November 18.

The studio was open for visits.

Museum and exhibition design workshop at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU)

One week workshop about concept thinking and design translation by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department, led by Prof Karl Stocker.

Scenography workshop at St-Lucas, Brussels April 23-27

Lecture ‘Simplicity and Ingenuity’ at Art and Design Aalto University Helsinki (FI)

Lecture ‘Simplicity and Ingenuity’ at Hochschule fur Kunst und Design, Halle (D)

Lecture ‘Especially Design’, at the Seminar for Elderly Care, Neerpelt (B)

Lecture ‘Interior Design Trends’, Design Academy Eindhoven (NL)

Juror Graduation,

Zurich Hochschule der Kunsten, Zurich (SW)

Executive board member CUMULUS, Internationaal Association Academies of Art and Design. Meetings (CEB) and seminars in Barcelona, Schwäbisch-Gemund (D), Belle-Ile (FR) and Bratislava (SK)



Presenting the Boulevart Library system at the Zona Tortona, Salone di Mobile, Milano

The design for Afrikacenter is minimal and the scenography is experiencing colour, light, sound and temperature.

‘Site Sign’, concept for the building of the Chamber of Commerce, Hasselt

Genever in Figures.

A visual and surprising translation of ‘dry’ figures and data.

One Minute Chocolate design for the joined exhibition ‘One Minute’, at the Gallery of Design Flanders, Brussels. How much chocolate may one eat in one hour?

‘Depot’, the interior design of the attick of the Museum of Literature, Hasselt (B) and it’s collection of prints.

Lecture ‘Simplicity and Ingenuity’ at FH Dortmund (D)

Participation in Addict LABO 


Pop Up Shop at Maasmechelen Village (B)

Kortrijk Interieur, Juventushuis, Kortrijk (B)

Designweek, Eindhoven (NL)

Curator ‘Eeuwige Barok’, CC De Velinx, Tongeren (B) with a selection of student works

Co-Curator ‘St-Barbara-Vase’,

CC Genk (B)

Museum and exhibition design workshop at FH Joanneum, Graz (AU)

One week workshop about concept thinking and design translation by Luk van der Hallen and the students of the Museum and Exhibition Department.

Executive board member CUMULUS, Internationaal Association Academies of Art and Design. Meetings (CEB) and seminars in Nantes (FR), Ljubljana (SI)Schwäbisch-Gemund (D), Warsaw (P)

Panel ‘Staten Generaal Design Limburg’ in Z33, Provinciaal Kunstencentrum, Hasselt.

Juror International Design Competition Deutsche Post, Bonn (D)

Workshop ‘Zorgeloos Wonen’, a cooperation between the academies of Genk, Maastricht and Heerlen (NL) in ENCI, Maastricht


Super! Design Festival., Hasselt (B). The Labo-group invited artists to ‘add’ to the existing street poles. Noses were put on the top of them.

Music Printed,

Leuven. Medieval music was reconstructed and heard in a surprising installation at the University Library of Leuven.

Al Boeksoek, an exhibition of Islamic references in Flemish youth literature, Museum of Literature, Hasselt.

‘Kaspar in verwondering’, an art exhibition on the deserted premisses of the Mine of Waterschei.

IDEM 15, Hasselt

This edition took place in the former state prison of Hasselt. Participants slept in the cells and worked in the premisses of the prison.

One Minute

The chocolate was first presented in the Gallery of Design Flanders, Belgium.

Passagen 2001

At the occasion of the presentation of the Boulevart Library system at the Furniture Fair of Cologne, a performance of the play ‘Sweet Temptations’ was given by ‘Breuk’.

Exhibition ‘Design Wrapped’, Gallery Design Flanders, Brussels (B).

Exhibition ‘One Minute’, Villa Basta, Zonhoven (B).

Exhibition ‘Label Design’, Grand Hornu (B).

Participation and edition in the book ‘Absolute Architecture’, Skyhall Airport Brussels.

Exhibition ‘Rotonde Art’, De Velinx, Tongeren (B).

‘Open Atelier’,  our studio was open for visits, organized by Kunst in Huis, Brussels (B).

Lecture ‘Simplicity and Ingenuity’, CC De Boogaard, St.-Truiden (B) and Design Academy Eindhoven, Designweek, Eindhoven (NL)

Experts Meeting Folgelandschaft Alsdorf (D) about the cultural reuse of the former industrial complex.

Executive Board Member, Cumulus, international

network of Academies ofArt and Design.

Meetings at Utrecht and Lissabon

Red Dot for the Boulevart shelving system, Red Dot Museum, Essen (D)


Van de Velde Award,

Design Flanders for the Boulevart design, followed by exhibition in Gallery Design Flanders, Brussels, ‘Sfeer’, Gent (B) and ‘Square’, the International furniture fair of Brussels (B)


Redesign of the third floor of the Museum of Industrial Archeology, Gent (B)

Scenography and production ‘Facelifts’, City Museum, Lier (B). 

An exhibition about restauration of artworks

UZ Leuven.

For its 75th Birthday the Academic Hospital comissioned a celebrating exhibition.

‘The Age of Cauderlier’, City Library Leuven (B), comissioned by CAG, the Center for Agricultural History.

Exhibition design ‘Op Woeste Hoogte’, Open Air Museum, Bokrijk explained the history and care of bush landscape in three exhibitions, combined with a museum-game.

‘Death or the Flowers’, an exhibition for the World Championship Cycling in Limburg (NL), City History Museum, Sittard (NL)

Rode Beek, Onderbanken (NL), study for a visitors center at the Dutch-German border.

‘Geon’, Heerlen (NL)

Concept for a museum of the ‘Underground Geology’

Design of the Fair stand of the compagny Echo (B), 

a concrete products manufacturer.

The Rain persuing the Cloud

Maasmechelen (B)

2004. Sculpture.

‘From Writer to Book’, permanent section, designed for the Museum of Literature, Hasselt.


Design of the campaign for promotion of cultural enterprises and projects.

Lecture ‘The Juggling Library’, Glaspaleis, Heerlen (NL) 

Expert Meeting, Kasteel Hoensbroek (NL)

Expert Meeting, Kasteel Hoensbroek (NL)

Elected as Executive Board Member for Cumulus, the international network of academies of art and design.


Design exhibition ‘Hasselt in print’, about the local newspapers in Museum Stellingwerff-Waerdenhof, Hasselt (B)

A new design was made for the interior design of the ‘Glaspaleis’, the City Library of Heerlen (NL). It was selected for the Henri Van de Velde Design Award (B)

Design exhibition ‘Barbie goes to the ball’, City Museum ‘Het Domein’, Sittard (NL)

Design exhibition ‘Meat in the city’, for CAG (Center for Agricultural Research), City Library, Leuven (B)

Idem 14 took place in a wonderfull town in Italy on the theme of ‘Simplicity-Ingenuity’.

Design routing system for the Provincial Library Hasselt (B)

Design fair stand Visitors center ‘De Wissen’, Dilsen-Stokkem (B)

Artwork exhibitions:

‘Papier als’, Cultureel Centrum Hasselt (B)

‘Cats’ , Academie Tongeren


Design of the fair stand for the ENCI cement factory Maastricht (NL)

Design of the interior of the music section, Provincial Library, Hasselt (B)

Design promotion for the Open Air Museum Bokrijk (B) at Batibouw, Brussels

and design of the exhibition ‘Batibouw Anno 1895’, Open Air Museum Bokrijk (B)


(“Succulent Animal’),

the exhibition in the Museum Bokrijk, Genk (B)

Design exhibition at the occasion of Worldchampionship cycling in Lummen (B): ‘Belgian cycling worldchampions’, Museum of Fashion, Hasselt (B)

Campaign for ‘LekkerDier’ 

(“Succulent Animal’),

 a series of exhibitions in Flanders: flyers, folders, posters, advertisements etc.

Interior design with Boulevart, Design agency AIR, Brussels

Design exhibition 

‘The war in youth literature’, Museum of Literature, Hasselt (B)

Design exhibition 

‘Ed Franc-Jaak Dreesen’, Museum of Literature, Hasselt (B)

Artwork ‘Man and branch’, acryl on canvas, commissioned by the public company Interlectra, Hasselt (B) for their collection.


Design first floor Provincial Library, Hasselt (B), a new look about the contemporary library. Including the design of a new shelving system.

Ecology stand design:

three portable items for fairs, Provincial Nature Center, Hasselt (B)

Concept for the meeting point/visitorscenter ‘Rekkem-Ferrain’ for the Communité Urbaine, Lille (F), Cultural city of Europe 2004

Design for the travelling exhibition ‘Childrens Literature in the 20th century’ for the Museum of Literature, Hasselt

Concept #2 for the redesign of the City Theatre, Sittard (NL)

Design counter VVV, museum De Wissen, Dilsen-Stokkem (B)

Reissue of the design of the cultural prize of the Province of Limburg (B)

Design of the exhibition ‘Guffens’, for the City Museum Stellingwerff-Waerdenhof, Hasselt 

Design additional part ‘Iron age’, City Historical Museum, Sittard (NL)

Idem 13 workshop was organised on trhe traffic-free Ilha Grande, Brazil. The theme was ‘Isolation’,

due to 9-11s some cancelled the trip to this idyllic environment.

Passagen jan 2001: For the presentation of the Boulevart Library system at the Intern. Furniture Fair Cologne, a performance of the play ‘Sweet Temptations’ was given by ‘Breuk’.

Concept ‘Touristic visitors center’, Touristic Service Center (VVV), Lanaken (B)

Design exhibition ‘Dirty laundry’, National Open air museum, Bokrijk (B)

Design exhibition ‘Bergen en verbergen/Cabinets’, National Open air museum, Bokrijk (B)

Kaspar, openluchttentoonstelling mijnterreinen Waterschei (B)

’De kennis van Kenis’

exhibition of artwork-installation. Domein Reckheim, Rekem (B)


Design Infocenter, House of the Province Limburg, Hasselt (B)

Design Exhibition ‘Waiting for the Prince’, Alden Biesen, Bilzen (B)

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Exhibition ‘Dance of the chairs’, Open air museum Bokrijk, Genk (B

Design interiors for the hotel De Wissen, Dilsen-Stokkem (B)

Design exhibition Photos of the Mine history. Location: the historical buildings of the former mine Winterslag, Genk (B)

Special design of the video presentation for the visit of HH Prince Philip of Belgium and his wife Princess Mathilde 

to the Province of Limburg

Idem 12 in Alden Biesen (B) was an extra long 10-day-event.

Design additions for the ‘City historical Museum’, Sittard (NL)

Concept redesign Museum Sincfala, Knokke-Heist (B)

Exhibition new vases and interior products, Gallery Design Flanders, Brussels

Exhibition ‘For Piet’, (Piet Stockmans)

CC Genk (B)

Concept for the public library of Berchem (B)

Exhibition ‘Grain on the attick’, Open air museum Bokrijk, Genk (B)


Creact, Maaseik


't Knoupsgaat, Maasmechelen


Selektie Provinciale Prijs Schilderkunst, Casino, Beringen


Jeune Peinture, Parijs

Selektie Hembecca-prijs, Brussel



8-83, Provinciaal Museum, Hasselt

Trajecta, Maastricht

ICC, Antwerpen



Selektie Prijs Schilderkunst, Aarschot

Parallelle Confrontaties, Hasselt

Niemandsland, Dommelhof, Neerpelt

Niemandsland, Arendberg, Antwerpen



Galery VUB, Brussel

De Media, Eeklo


CIAP, Hasselt

't Kreeftje, Maasmechelen

Confrontatie '87, Brussel


Nieuwe Figuratie, Neerpelt

Atelier St.Anne, Brussel


t Magazijn, Hasselt

3de prijs Schilderkunst VAKO, Aarschot

Selektie Union Biënnale, Antwerpen

Grand Bazar d'Art, Il Ventuno, Hasselt



Centrum Bouckenborgh, Merksem, Union

Cultureel Centum Hasselt, Union

Stichting Plons, Maastricht

Galerij Stedelijke Academie St.-Niklaas, Union

Cultureel Centrum Namen, Union

Palais de Congres, Luik, Union

'S.O.S. Armenië', Galerie Moderne, Brussel

Mail Art, CC Genk

'In-Spanning', Labo, Hasselt

CC Westrand, Dilbeek

Grand Maitres d'Art, Il Ventuno, Hasselt



Hassotel, Hasselt

Veiling Kankerfonds, LUC Diepenbeek

'S.O.S. Roemenië', Brussel

KNS, Antwerpen 

Kasteel Mariagaarde, Hoepertingen

'De Noodzaak van Papier', De Schakel, Waregem 

'Tijd-enz', Labo, Hasselt 

'De Noodzaak van Papier', CC Heusden

De Schakel, Waregem


Kunst im Automat, Galerie von der Milwe, Aachen

Voor Vorst & Staat!, Il Ventuno, Hasselt

'Kunstenaars voor de Vrede', Kunstencentrum België, Hasselt. 

'One Size, Many Views', Hal PNT, Tienen

'De noodzaak van Papier', CC Berchem 

'De noodzaak van Papier', CC Lanaken 

'De noodzaak van Papier', Westrand, Dilbeek 

'De noodzaak van Papier', CC Bornem 

'De noodzaak van Papier', CC Brasschaat 

Recente Aanwinsten , Kunst in Huis, CC Hasselt; ontwerp multiple Kunst in Huis

'One Size, Many Views', CC Dommelhof, Neerpelt


'Huisraad van de Schilder', Prov. Comm. Kunstambacht, Brussel

DDC., Brussel

Fruit(m)art, Veilinghallen, Borgloon

'AA-Kunst' Groningen, Galerie Il Ventuno

Jurylid Stedelijke Academie Plastische Kunsten, Hasselt


'Luk van der Hallen', CCHeusden-Zolder

'Une Histoire Belge', Stedelijk Kunstinstituut, Gent

Galerie Il Ventuno, Zomertentoonstelling, Hasselt

Gastdocent Zomeracademie PICS Dommelhof (juli )


oct. De Velinx, Tongeren, Terra Incognita, keramiek als drager.

nov.Begijnhof Hasselt, Multiples voor Ruanda-steunaktie


'Boekenbeeld' realisatie ter gelegenheid van de Nationale Jeugboekenweek, De Velinx, Tongeren

Mijntekens, Cultureel Centrum Maasmechelen

Project ‘Living’ Kunst in Huis, installatie bij de familie Mortelmans, Ham

Tentoonstelling ‘Living’, Provinciaal Begijnhof, Hasselt


‘Face to face’ Galerie van Laethem, Rekem

Ontwerpschetsen bij de enscenering ‘Het Interview dat sterft’ van Jan Fabre, van Luk van der Hallen en Paul Sochacki, Dommelhof, Neerpelt

Het Schetsontwerp, Genk CC

Kunst kamert in Brussel, Tentoonstellingsproject in het Alfa Sablon Hotel, door Kunst in Huis

Angstproject, Kunstencentrum België, Hasselt


Tentoonstelling Fast Forward, Begijnhofkerk, St.-Truiden

Installatie Our House Happening, Mijnsite Winterslag, Genk


Ontmoeting KHL-DA, Mijngebouwen Eisden,

Waterstof, Mijngebouwen, Eisden

Retro, CCHasselt

Laureaat Wedstrijd Beeld voor Hendrik Prijs, Stad Sint-Truiden,

Laureaat Beeld voor Rotondes, Maasmechelen

Workshop Wood 98, Dahle, Noorwegen


25 jaar CC. Hasselt

Tentoonstelling Wedstrijd Rotondes, Academie, Maasmechelen

Realisatie Beeld St.-Truiden

Realisatie Beeld Rotonde, Maasmechelen

Tentoonstelling, CIAP, Hasselt


Voor Piet, CCGenk


Kaspar, openluchttentoonstelling mijnterreinen Waterschei (B)


Opdracht ‘eindejaarsschilderij’ Interelectra, Hasselt (B)


‘Papier als’, Cultureel Centrum Hasselt (B)

Katten, Academie Tongeren


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